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Queen Anne's Lace Stem

Queen Anne's Lace Stem

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With a stunning silhouette, and wild but delicate stature, Queen Anne’s Lace is meant to be seen and adds a show stopping element to floral gatherings. Set on top of a simple stem, the amazing head of the Queen Anne Lace in a soft white hue makes this stem a swoon worthy hero. With a quiet beauty, it’ll add that botanical magic to a bedside table, some height to a coffee table or texture to a kitchen worktop. Wherever you choose to place it, your space will have an instant uplift. 

The Queen Anne’s Lace flower works beautifully in a simple gathering with two or three in  vase and will have an instant impact. With a silhouette so beautiful, we love giving this majestic stem a little space, add a stem of Witch Hazel for a splash of vibrancy whilst keeping the vibe relaxed.


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