Our Story


Terramania officially started the summer of 2020 out of a cultivation of the many passions I enjoy. The time came to share my passions with everyone.
My passions are sharing with others the love of creating a unique environment through home decor, plants, preserved botanicals, and unique things found from the Earth; and serving others by making them feel at home with a smile, a drink, or something fun to eat.

I believe the most vibrant firing up of our beings occurs with true human interaction. When we engage with others in conversation or physical interaction, we devote a portion of ourselves to each other and this engagement is an investment that can build lasting genuine relationships.

Connecting with my community by helping others complete their unique space at home, hosting workshops or home decor shows, and selling local artisan’s goods is my goal.

I hope you become a Terra-Maniac by connecting with others over Earthly finds around you.

- Traci Miller -