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Cheese Boards to Share Deck

Cheese Boards to Share Deck

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This 50-card boxed set and a 64-page book provides everything you need to know to create stylish cheeseboards for every occasion.

Cheese boards are the ideal fuss-free, yet delicious and visually impressive meal option. Though traditionally thought of as just a festive treat, impressive modern incarnations have recently taken social media by storm, as people discover that they can be a show-stopping option for entertaining at any time of year. The themed cheese boards featured on the cards in this boxed set offer the perfect cheese board for any occasion, from lively boards themed around wine, beer and cocktail pairings, to a wholesome kids’ board and a picnic board. No matter the size of your crowd or your budget, there is a themed board here to suit it – from small romantic boards for two, to more extravagant aspirational boards suitable for a wedding. Suggestions for store-bought accompaniments are included, or if you are feeling more creative, try the simple recipes such as Italian Herb Flatbread, Rainbow Pepper Oatcakes or Tomato and Smoked Pepper Jam. A handy 64-page book is also included featuring essential practical information on putting a cheeseboard together, plus tips on buying, storing and cutting cheese, and much more.

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