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Natural Sea Sponge

Natural Sea Sponge

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Sourced from the Caribbean are these all natural.

Ear Sponge is a flat sponge, which artists love because of their smooth surface on one side, and rough surface on the other. They are typically used in painting and pottery as the irregular texture of these art sponges create a nice variety of shapes on the painting surface.

Caribbean Silk sponges are the softest and densest sponges one can buy. They are small and are primarily used for the application, removal of make-up and facial cleansing.

Caribbean Grass Sea Sponges - for Exfoliating in your Bath or Shower: These natural sea sponges are perfect for lightly exfoliating your skin. Their rough texture combined with either a body wash or body scrub is the perfect & natural way to reveal your fresh skin.

Brush with Yellow Sea Sponges - for your Bath or Shower: These natural sea sponges are perfect for for daily use in your bath and/or shower. Their smooth yellow texture and color provides a perfect balance between the silky soft wool and the rough texture of the Caribbean grass sponges.  Combine yellow sea sponges with either body wash or body scrub it is the perfect way to naturally get clean.

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